The Voice

Man, he has done some monologues. What he believes in, how he ended up with a farm in Iowa, why he needed Jane after he said he didn’t and that doesn’t even cover all of his baseball movies. Kevin Costner was a guest of the Houston Astros this week. His band, Modern West was scheduled to play in the Houston area. I made my way up to the nice seats and asked if I could sit with him for a casual in-game interview. He responded by asking if he had time to grab food. Sure? I look at the scoreboard. We have three outs before the interview is supposed to take place. Jose Altuve leads off the inning with a home run, Robbie Grossman draws a walk and we are in business. Costner had time to chow down a chili dog covered in onions and suggest I see Fandango (1985) because of my UT ties. He was great. His love for the game (meant to do that) was obvious and he genuinely enjoyed discussing his roles in certain sports flicks. Costner couldn’t pick a favorite but he explained his fascination with characters like Crash Davis and Billy Chapel. Not going to lie, it almost felt scripted. Isn’t it great knowing the actor loves the characters as much as you? Prepare ALL you want for interviews like this one but if they aren’t feeling it, viewers won’t either. However, if you sit next Costner forget the notes. I’ve learned to just feel my way through those interviews. On that particular night, the story of Costner was better than the one that played out on the field. We owe you, Kevin.





I’m about to begin my fifth season as sideline reporter for the Houston Astros. Whew. Time really does fly when you’re having fun. My job is too much fun not to write about so I’m going to try. I’m not great at writing. I’m not even good at it. I wrote my last paper sometime during my junior year at Texas. I think. In those days, I had to apply to be a journalism major and then chose print, multimedia or broadcast journalism. In the broadcast sequence… I LEARNED TO WRITE LIKE THIS… SERIOUSLY… THIS IS HOW YOU WRITE YOUR SCRIPT INTO A TELEPROMPTER… SHORT AND SWEET… FITTING AS MUCH INFORMATION AS YOU CAN INTO TWENTY SECONDS…Little different than what my friends in print journalism were working on. My point is… I’m going to forget to a put a comma somewhere. It’s a blog. MY blog. MY rules. 🙂